GCB - The Complete First Season

by Christian Cintron
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Wednesday Jun 13, 2012
GCB - The Complete First Season

"GCB" is a hilarious show that was controversial before it even aired. With the original title, "Good Christian Bitches" the show was set to showcase and skewer opulent life in Texas. The show features big hair, big houses, big jewelry, and huge personalities with cast members that include gay icon Kristen Chenoweth.

Amanda Vaughn (Leslie Bibb) was a mean girl in high school but returns to her Dallas home disgraced and widowed. Now she must contend with an overbearing yet disapproving mother (Annie Potts) and a clique led by the worst of her high school victims Carlene Cockburn (Chenoweth). Produced by Darren Star ("Sex and the City") and writer Robert Harling ("Steel Magnolias") this series has all the makings of a hit. It also features the amazing Miriam Shor ("Hedwig & the Angry Inch") and the always-delightful Marisol Nichols.

The DVD of the short season (10 episodes) is jam-packed with bonus features. There are deleted scenes from all of the episodes. There are also featurettes that take you behind-the-scenes of the series. "Living Large" explores the elaborate sets that are mansions onto themselves. The include tours by Annie Potts and Jennifer Aspen. There also is, "Bigger in Texas" which explores the elaborate make-up, jewelry and wardrobe that turns the actresses into Good Christian Belles. "Preaching to the Choir" showcases the singing skills of Chenoweth, Shor and Mark Deklin and how the show often capitalizes on their skills. There is also a cute segment called "Most Likely To..." which includes interviews with the cast who share their nominations for various yearbook titles like Most Likely to Become President.

The DVD also features a blooper reel that is sure to show you how much these ladies can curse during filming. There are also some funny gems like Miriam Shor's antics between scenes. There are also audio commentaries with the creator, executive producers and some of the cast that are fun and chock full of energy from the fun stars of the show like Leslie Bibb.

"GCB" is a sweet and hilarious show that explores the lives of ostentatious yet religious families in Texas who battle old demons, sordid secrets and try to act like good Christian belles. With gay icons like Kristen Chenoweth and Miriam Shor the show is sure to live forever in infamy and will be a cult favorite. It would be welcome in the DVD collection of any fan of camp or Southern works like "Steel Magnolias" and "Designing Women."

"GCB: The Complete First Season"

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