'Star Trek Beyond' Soars With $59.6M At Weekend Box Office

MOVIES | By Sandy Cohen | Jul 24
"Star Trek Beyond" has landed atop the weekend box office.

Sigourney Weaver Hoping to Reprise 'Alien' Heroine Ripley

MOVIES | By Derrik J. Lang | Jul 24
Sigourney Weaver apparently isn't finished fighting aliens.

'Guardians of the Galaxy' Tease Sequel, Disneyland Ride

MOVIES | By Lindsey Bahr | Jul 24
Next summer the "Guardians of the Galaxy" are taking over theaters and Disneyland.

Queerly Digital: Remembering F.W. Murnau

MOVIES | By David-Elijah Nahmod | Jul 24
Unknown at the time but fairly common knowledge now is the fact that F.W. Murnau was a gay man. His death in a 1931 car accident was said to have been caused by an act of fellatio he was giving to his young driver.

Boston, MA

Review :: The T Party

THEATRE | By Kilian Melloy | Jul 23
What you experience in the room doesn't stay in the room: It comes out the door with you. If that's not the highest priority and principle of theater, then I don't know what is.