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XXXBoys :: Kory Mitchell’s Positive Attitude

by BeBe Sweetbriar
Tuesday Aug 21, 2012

Okay, so there is nothing new about coming across a new name, face, ass (or whatever) in the porn industry. Being from San Francisco, as the saying goes, you trip over a porn star every block. But now and again, there is a particular name, face, story and yes, whatever, that gets our attention and deserves a little bit of perusal, if you will, into the person.

Kory Mitchell, formerly Kory Kong, is one such porn model that happened to catch my eye (and boy what a sight I saw).
And as I was hoping that I would find an interesting story, a significant diversion from the norm in porn, in fact I found just that.

You see, Kory Mitchell just happens to be an open, HIV positive gay man who is a porn star. There is, of course, much more that defines this German-born hunk of a black man with a hunk of a cock to go along with it all, and I was able to discuss with Kory how porn all began with him, the models he would like to work with, how being HIV positive has affected his porn career, and where his passion is outside of the adult film industry.

Name Change

BeBe: Are you a native of Seattle where you are currently based?

Kory Mitchell: No. I’m originally from Germany. I’m a military kid.

BeBe: Kory, it was interesting when I came across a pic of you that, as much as I find myself involved in the adult film industry, I realized I didn’t know who you were. Do you consider yourself somewhat new to porn?

Kory Mitchell: Yeah, I started filming back in August of 2009.

BeBe: And in that short span you’ve already gone under a bit of an image revamp, I mean, you have changed your name. You originally went by the name of Kory Kong, and after seeing pictures of you naked, it was a befitting name. But, in July of this year, you changed your surname to Mitchell.

Kory Mitchell: I honestly hated the name Kong. It was a name I went with because the very first company I made a film with came up with the name. So, I went along with it. I was never happy with that name, however. I’m not sure why it didn’t sit right with me.

No problems with nudity

BeBe: How did you wind up in the adult film industry?

Kory Mitchell: A friend of mine in Seattle, and he asked me if I was interested in doing porn. And, I was and had been for some time. I’ve always said I would love to do porn, because growing up watching it, it seemed like it would be something really fun.

Being from German, I have no problem being naked in front of people. My Seattle friend had a friend in Canada named Patrick Cole who was looking for models at the time. Patrick gave me a call, and he invited to come to Las Vegas for a film shoot. So, I went out there and shot for about a week, and the rest is history. It (porn) was something that just sort of came to me. It wasn’t something I sought out, per se. It just fell in my lap (and what a lap it is).

BeBe: That’s not an unfamiliar story. Many porn stars have told me that had always been interested in porn, or the thought of doing porn. It may even be more so that there is an interest in knowing whether the making of porn is really as fun as it seems to be while watching it. So, I’ll ask, is making porn as fun and enjoyable to do as it is to watch?

Kory Mitchell: Well, for me it is fun to do which is why I still do it, but it also depends on the film company your working with and the people (models) your shooting with. Working for a company where the production staff and directors are laid back and easy to talk to, it helps you forget about the cameras, the lights, and the people around you. You really just think about having sex and doing what comes naturally. It, honestly, has its ups and downs.

Favorite scenes?

BeBe: Speaking of the people you shoot with, is there a particular company, director, and porn model you would like to work with?

Kory Mitchell: As for companies, I can’t really say I have one in particular I’d like to work with, but as for models, wow, that’s a long list (with a chuckle). I’d really like to shoot with Samuel Colt, and so many others. My list is so big!

BeBe: What about directors, those really producing the porn product?

Kory Mitchell: I don’t know much about those involved with production enough to say. I know more about the porn stars.

BeBe: Out of all scenes that you have shot thus far, is there one that you walked away thinking how awesome the scene was, and conversely, is there a scene thought you were out of your fucking mind to even do it?

Kory Mitchell: I actually have two scenes I thought were just awesome. The first scene would be with Jake Wetmore and Chuck Rockwood. It was a three-way shot in a bathhouse. The sexual chemistry between all of us very strong. I had a blast doing that scene.

The other scene was with Jake Mitchell when we shot for Treasure Island. Jake and I already have a history of messing around anyway so we were doing what we do normally, but just on film. And, I really don’t think I have any scenes that I really didn’t feel good about because every scene I’ve done have played out (on film) the way it was supposed to play out. There isn’t any scenes I would change even if I could. I have no regrets of any kind when it comes to film making.

BeBe: Now you are pretty well tattooed. You have some nice ink on your body. Knowing that most tattoos symbolize something, or have a special meaning to the bearer, is there one on your body that has some significant meaning to you?

Kory Mitchell: The tattoo on my neck that spells "Hope" with a red ribbon taking the place of the letter "o" is very meaningful to me. I got that tattoo 1.5 years after I found out I was HIV positive. I have no problem having any of my other tattoos covered or digitally removed, but I tell people that my Hope tat I will never cover up. Period.


BeBe: That is a strong statement. That tattoo, I am sure, provides awareness to HIV, as well as, creates a lot of conversation, especially with you being a model in the porn industry.

Kory Mitchell: In fact, in does. I’ve in clubs and bars all over and have had people come up to me and touch the tattoo on my neck and say ’I really appreciate that’ and then walk away. It has been amazing the reactions I get from this tattoo. I have had people come up to me and tell me I am considered a positive role model in the gay black community.

BeBe: But, being HIV positive and working in porn, there has to be some questions you must get about that.

Kory Mitchell: I actually don’t get many questions about that, or have in problems surrounding that. I tell companies before I begin filming with them, and that’s the end of that. I really haven’t had any problems working in the industry being positive so far to this point. I am very open about it (my status).

Doing what comes naturally

BeBe: I have previously interviewed black males from the porn industry, and I have at times received not so positive responses when they are asked about the type of roles they are offered or the images presented of black males in the porn industry. Has there been any time that you have refused to do a scene shoot because the scene was not a good representation for you as a black man?

Kory Mitchell: No, not at all.

BeBe: That’s good to hear, and I hope you will be able to keep that response as your continue with your porn career.

Kory Mitchell: The companies I’ve worked with thus far have been fairly laid back, and I haven’t been asked to do anything extreme. They just direct me to do what comes naturally.

BeBe: Well, Kory, tell me if you hadn’t gotten into the porn industry 3 years ago, what would you be doing?

Kory Mitchell: I’d probably be doing something that I still do now and that is HIV education and counseling which I began after I discovered I was positive. I been doing that for 6 years now. I counsel newly HIV positive gay and bi-sexual men. It is something I really enjoy and have a passion for doing.

BeBe: Well, when one looks at your physique and that very well endowed appendage of yours that is 12 inches, one would think that you were born or destined to do porn. For me, it conjured up the old cliché about whether size matters. That phrase ’size matters’ refers to both being too small and too big. I must admit that I’m not sure I would know what to do with a dick as large as yours. Outside of the porn industry, has the size of your penis been an issue for any of the relationships you’ve been in?

Kory Mitchell: In relationships, no, but, with say a fuck-buddy there have been times when I’ve been told, ’oh no, that’s too much!’ (both laugh), or ’I can’t take that’. But for the most part, I don’t really have much of a problem when it comes to getting laid.

Kory Mitchell headlines with his solo show on August 24th and 25th at the legendary Nob Hill Theatre in San Francisco.

Follow Kory Mitchell in his blog at

Based out of San Francisco, BEBE SWEETBRIAR is the Omni Present Drag Chanteuse. As an entertainer and hostess, BeBe can be scene every week hosting and performing at countless events and parties in the San Francisco. One of the few drag personalities to sing live while performing, BeBe has literally graced every notable stage in San Francisco, bridging many gay sub-community gaps. She has also been the opening act for Destiny’s Child Kelly Rowland, "Ugly Betty’s" Alec Mapa and Dance Diva Kristine W. Adding recording artist to her list of performance accomplishments in 2008 with the release of her first single "Save Me", Ms. Sweetbriar will soon release her fifth dance single in 2012 called "Show It Off"..
As an actress, BeBe was introduced to film with a lead role in the independent film "Under One Sun" with her character dealing with religious, racial and gender issues. Additionally, she appeared in the campy musical "Devious, Inc" (Australian Film Festival, San Francisco Short Film Fest) also adding additional vocals to the musical soundtrack. Both of these performances led to her selection for a lead role in Aisha Media’s next short film series, "" to be released in 2012.


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