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Joe Posa :: Getting funny, sexy & dirty with Tony Tripoli & Joan Rivers

Wednesday Jul 18, 2012

As head writer on E's hit series "Fashion Police," Tony Tripoli knows Joan Rivers. And if Joan hired him, he must be funny.

Perhaps, though, he'll meet his match this weekend when Rivers' impersonator Joe Posa joins him on the stage at Club Cafe for a show entitled "Dirty Sexy Funny." As Rivers, Posa will introduce Tripoli and - no doubt - exchange barbs with him.

Playing Joan, though, is nothing new for Posa, who is one of the country's leading celebrity impersonators. Not only does he do Joan, but Liza Minnelli, Barbra Streisand and Michael Jackson as well. He also created and headlines "An Evening at the Bird Cage," in which he performs with other drag celebrity impersonators seen in cabarets from Boston to Fort Lauderdale.

Posa, a member of Actors Equity, has recently performed on board the Luxurious sailing ship "Wind Star" from Rome to Athens, and the luxury yacht "Le Diamant" through the Baltic Sea.

EDGE recently caught up with Posa at his home in Fort Lauderdale to talk about this weekend's show.

EDGE: You haven't been in Boston over the past few months. What have you been up to?

Joe Posa: Well, I am now living in Fort Lauderdale full time, and just loving it! My partner Frank and I bought a lovely home, and although I travel much for work, you can find me by the pool! I also host many events in Wilton Manors for the gay community, as well as perform the condo circuit of DelRay, Boca and West Palm. It's been really fabulous!

EDGE: How did this show with Tony Tripoli come about?

Joe Posa: I was familiar with Tony's writing for Joan with 'Fashion Police,' as well as his appearances on 'Joan Knows Best?' I contacted him via the technology of today, and here we are! A brand new show - 'Funny Sexy Dirty' in Boston at Club Cafe! Amazing.

EDGE: Do you think he’s sexy?

Joe Posa: Oh please, I’m not blind or dead.

EDGE: And is he dirty?

Joe Posa: You must ’come’ and find out for yourself!

EDGE: He’s Joan’s head writer on ’Fashion Police’ - has he given you any material?

Joe Posa: Do you have change for $100?

EDGE: Have you been in touch with Joan lately?

Joe Posa: Most recently no. She’s been SO busy as you know, what with ’Fashion Police,’ ’Joan Knows Best,’ the shopping network QVC, and her concert dates. Fortunately I have been gigging a lot too, but I’m sure we will cross paths soon. I certainly hope so. She’s an Amazing Lady!

EDGE: As Joan, how would you dish Tony?

Joe Posa: (in Joan’s voice) Well, I would imagine he has a very active sex life. I do too. I only wish I had a partner!

EDGE: What’s happening with your ’Evening at the Bird Cage’ where you perform with other celebrity impersonators? It’s quite a fun show.

Joe Posa: Funny you should ask, I am in talks with a few of the many casinos here in South Florida to give it a home. I have also been approach to star in and host an impersonator show in Toronto in the near future. Lotsa irons in the fire, I like that.

EDGE: You do that show with a number of well-known impersonators. What’s it like getting so many divas backstage?

Joe Posa: You know, I truly have had a blast with my peers in the industry. I’ve done many shows recently with the amazing Thirsty Burlington from Ptown. He has brought his LIVE Cher to Fort Lauderdale, and we tore it up. A true talent, and dear friend. Also, the RuPaul girls at Club Cafe for Pride was cool. Phi-Phi O’Hara and Dida Ritz were so great. You know I also love me some Bebe Zahara Benet!

It reminds me of a line my good friend Jesse Volt from NYC would often say, ’Girl, the cream rises.’

EDGE: Is it hard keeping Joan quiet when you’re not on stage - that is, does Joan ever make surprise appearances in your day-to-day life?

Joe Posa: You know, only when I want to try out new material on my friends, I will ’go there.’ Otherwise, for the most part, Joe Posa is pumping iron at the local gym.

Dirty Sexy Funny starring Tony Tripoli and Joe Posa takes place on Friday and Saturday, July 20 and 21, 2012 at Club Cafe, 209 Columbus Avenue, Boston, MA. For more information, visit the Club Cafe website.


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