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Jackie Warner in your home

by Charlsie Dewey
Thursday May 8, 2008

Jackie Warner's hit Bravo reality show, Work Out, is back for a third season-with all the tension and drama audiences have come to love, though Warner says her relationship this season is relatively drama-free. She's also got several new ventures in the works, including an in-home workout DVD, Workout: One-on-One Training with Jackie. What is in store for fans? Windy City Times spoke with Warner to find out.

Windy City Times: What can viewers expect from season three?
Jackie Warner: Oh, boy. Basically, you get a sort of inside view of a new relationship for me, and also how that unfolds under the eye of the camera. Let me just give you a hint: Reality TV isn't good for relationships. It's real hard on them. My mom comes to visit, and it's touching and humorous. People that are getting under my skin might finally be going this season.

WCT: Can we expect the same level of drama this season?
JW: No; I really don't have much drama in the relationship. I don't have much drama in my personal life right now, but you definitely see the cracks showing. We moved very fast in this relationship-which I never do-but it was a weird extenuating circumstance, and you kind of see that really unraveling.

WCT: Do you have any good relationship or dating tips you can share?
JW: Oh, boy. [Laughs] Yeah, I actually said this a while ago in an interview: I'm great at giving relationship advice, but terrible at receiving it because I'm a very passionate person. This is something that I think you understand about me: when I want something, I get it. I go for it, and whether it's right for me or not ... but my advice is make a list of 3-5 must-haves in a person. Make that list and carry it around with you, in your wallet or the car, and really, really stick to that must-have list. I started doing it now and I will do it until I meet that partner, which I'm not looking for now, but I'm just saying ... when you go on the first, second or third date, ask those questions. If they don't fit that criteria, get out of there.

WCT: How has the experience of doing the show changed from the first season to the third one?
JW: I feel that the trainers are really quite mean and rude to me this season, whereas they never did that before, which I thought was odd. I think it is largely due to them trying to get camera time, because it was totally out of the blue, and I didn't have any issues with them but, again, I think people are savvy now and they want to be on TV.

WCT: Has anything changed for you as far as your position as a role model for the gay community?
JW: I'm not an outspoken person. I rarely do gay and lesbian events. I don't latch onto a cause, because I feel that just living my life as a regular person on national TV does tons more for the cause than if I carried a banner. Really, what I try to do within the show is show how fluid and natural a lesbian relationship is. It's like anything else and, hopefully, viewers see it. That's the only way I protest. I think it's the most effective way to protest, allowing people to familiarize themselves with the gay and lesbian lifestyle and not fall into stereotypes so much.

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