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Gay UK Singer: ’I Was the Victim of Homophobia During Pride’

by Jason St. Amand
National News Editor
Monday Jun 30, 2014

An out pop singer from the United Kingdom took to Twitter over the weekend and said he was a victim of homophobia during London's LGBT Pride on Saturday, Gay Star News reports.

Will Young wrote on the social media site and told his 191,000 followers that he was targeted because he's gay.

"Would you believe on the day of Gay Pride I have been the victim of homophobia. I am SO mad. #pride2014," the 35-year-old tweeted.

According to Pink Star News, he said that he and his boyfriend were "asked to stop hugging" while in a spa because "it was offending another 'conservative' visitor."

"I am looking forward to what the hotel have to say about this cos I am still seething. I actually can't believe it," he said.

A number of Young's followers responded to the singer's tweet, giving support.

"I know it's hard but don't let them drag you down, as that's what they want. They must be sad inside, to want to be homophobic," one Twitter user wrote.

"some people just can't help themselves... Sad... Pathetic... Rise above it!' another said.

Young later wrote on Twitter: "I shower love on the ignorant, hope for the bigots and light into the dark crevices of their unfortunate minds."

Young became a sensation in the U.K. in 2002 when he won the British talent show, "Pop Idol." He came out as gay the same year as the competition.

The singer has not identified the hotel where the alleged homophobia took place.

Watch Young's music video for "Leave Right Now" below:


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