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Melissa the Grinch?

by Jason St. Amand
National News Editor
Monday Dec 24, 2012

Tammy Lynn Michaels, the ex-girlfriend of Melissa Etheridge, is apparently upset with the singer after writing a strange blog post that suggests Etheridge is withholding child support money she owes her, Radar Online reports.

In the post, which is some sort of weird poem, Michaels writes, ""Fascinating you know--- secrets, they are. People, places, things and accounts, houses, waived rights AND relationships, money ----secrets are sick---a sign of an illness within---disease."

The couple called it quits back in April 2010 and had a nasty public custody battle over their children. According to Radar, the settlement between the two orders Etheridge to pay Michaels $23,000 - a month. But Michaels has complained on her blog, Hollywood Farm Girl, about Etheridge's payments.

The website Michaels complained about the gay icon's slow checks, the lack of funds that she's receiving and that it may impact her Christmas shopping this year. Apparently $23,000 isn't enough cash to buy a new Furby.

"Playing games with money---phoney baloney---hide and seek---can you find the ball under the clam shell? ---christmas is coming---chase the check---chase the check ---chase the check---can't ---catch it---oh watch the girl go---empty stockings and tiny boxes----don't worry-- ---i'll teach them what's important," she writes.

Nevertheless, Michaels insists the money is not important to her even though she's complained about money issues in the past.

"Nothing close to ---what i have to chase in the stupid mail box---but rather---what is in the heart---which could never--never never ever be found in a mail box anyway............... millionaires in their mansions----tricking with trusts----hiding money from Paul behind Peter-----just to steal from the minor in the end----integrity is a mystery in----the town of gold dust----pyrite---fool's gold ----at times i do feel------as narcissistic as this sounds---that i might be the only ---one---with a moral compass ----this side of the Indiana State Line. ---tell me it's not true----no----show me----show me----someone show me it's not true."

Etheridge, however, shouldn't be short of money as she released her 12th studio album "4th Street Feeling," in September.


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